MKS File Extension

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What is the .MKS file type?

The .mks filename extension represents the Matroska Subtitles (.mks) file type. Matroska is an open multimedia container format developed by the Matroska organization as an open-source alternative to other, proprietary container formats like AVI and MPEG, and widely supported, both in software and hardware. Matroska uses the same container for all types of multimedia content, designated with different filename extensions like .mkv (video, audio, subtitles), .mka (audio only), and .mks (subtitles only).

The .mks extension is officially reserved for subtitles-only Matroska containers. Thus, the .mks file is a standard Matroska container that encapsulates elementary subtitle streams in any of the commonly supported formats like SRT, SUB, SSA/ASS, etc. Although MKS subtitles can be used with several multimedia players, the MKS subtitle-only container is not widely supported, as most subtitles are made and distributed as containerless files (.srt, .sub, etc.). Still, there are a number of tools for authoring Matroska subtitles and extracting data from MKS containers.


Software to open or convert MKS files

You can open MKS files with the following programs:
Aegisub by Aegisub Team
Miro by Participatory Culture Foundation

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