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What is the .NSF file type?

The .nsf filename extension primarily belongs to the IBM Notes Database (.nsf) file type, with reference to the proprietary Notes Storage Facility (NSF) file format originally developed by Lotus Development Corp. for their Lotus Notes and Lotus Domino collaborative client-server platform (now, IBM Notes and IBM Domino, respectively). NSF is the main native format of IBM Notes/Domino. The .nsf file is an NSF database. Internally, NSF files consist of separate data chunks, or 'notes,' with each note representing an e-mail message, a document, or a form. NSF database files are created and can be opened/accessed in IBM Notes. Outside the IBM Notes/Domino platform, there are several possibilities to handle .nsf files. In addition to standalone NSF viewers, there are several paid/free utilities that can convert .nsf databases into PST (Microsoft Outlook) or other mailbox formats as well as retrieve e-mail messages from them.

Alternatively, the .nsf extension serves as a designation of the NES Sound Format (NSF) and its associated file type (.nsf). NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) is the name of a legacy 8-bit gaming console sold by Nintendo in 1980's and 1990's. Obsolete physically, NES continues, however, to be actively emulated in software on different platforms. NSF is a special format developed for extracting NES chiptune music from original NES games. A chiptune is a multi-channel musical piece played by a sound chip in real time as programmed by a sequence of sound chip commands. Each NSF chiptune is basically a stripped-down version of its original game cartridge's ROM, with everything removed except the actual audio data and its driver module. Besides NES emulators, thanks to numerous plugins and add-ons, such chiptunes (.nsf) can be be opened and played by several popular media players.

Besides, the .nsf extension is used to denote the NSF Award Data (.nsf) file type. The .nsf file is a text file with comma-separated values (CSV) obtained as a result of querying The NSF (National Science Foundation) Award Database for information on NSF monetary grants awarded to scientists.

Software to open or convert NSF files

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