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What is the .JCW file type?

The .jcw filename extension has its primary association with the Hot Potatoes JCross Crossword (.jcw) file type used with Hot Potatoes JCross, a freeware crossword puzzle application from Half-Baked Software. Available as a part of a suite of web-based quiz and word exercise authoring tools named Hot Potatoes, JCross (also referred to as HotPot JCross) is used to build crossword puzzles and publish them as interactive HTML/JavaScript web pages with timers, hints, and evaluation buttons.

A Hot Potatoes JCross crossword puzzle (.jcw) is a text-based XML document in which the puzzle's grid, words, correctness checks, and word hints are defined along with instructions, comments, and other information. Before it can be opened for solving, the puzzle must be translated into an interactive web page using JCross, although any .jcw file can be directly opened in a text editor for as XML source code.

Alternatively, the .jcw extension denotes the JCreator Workspace (.jcw) file type, with reference to JCreator, Xinox Software's proprietary integrated development environment (IDE) for Java. JCreator uses .jcw files to save workspaces, each workspace consisting of one or more projects. The .jcw file itself is a text-based XML document in which references are made to the project (.jcp) and user (.jcu) files included in the workspace. Usually the workspace file (.jcw) and all its associated files and subdirectories are saved in the same folder. During installation, JCreator offers an option to create associations for the file types it uses (.jcw, .jcp, .jcu).

The .jcw extension also stands for the Xara Color Palette (.jcw) file type associated with the proprietary Xara Designer vector graphics editor by Xara Group Ltd. (MAGIX AG). Xara Designer allows to save and load pre-defined CMYK, RGB, and HSV color palettes, saved as .jcw files in the "Xara\Palettes" directory. In a binary format, the .jcw file contains a list of color names and numerical values. Besides Xara Designer, several third-party freeware tools like JCWpad can read, modify, and save Xara color palettes (.jcw).

Software to open or convert JCW files

You can open JCW files with the following programs:
HotPotatoes by HalfBaked
Hot Potatoes
Hot Potatoes by Half-Baked Software
jclasslib bytecode viewer
jclasslib bytecode viewer by ej-technologies

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