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What is the .SG2 file type?

The indexed filename extension .sg2 has its primary association with the Band-in-a-Box Song (.sg2) file type. Band-in-a-Box (BIAB) is a commercial sound synthesizer, arrangement and accompaniment software product developed by PG Music Inc. for Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS X. BIAB uses a number of different filename extensions for its song files, depending on whether the song has a melody, and whether it is based on any of the 24 built-in accompaniment styles. The first character is an "m" for melody tunes and an "s" for those without one, the secong is always a "g", and the third is the built-in style number (or a "u", if none). Thus, an .sg2 file is a melody-less BIAB song that uses internal style #2 (Country 12/8). Such SG2 and other similarly named song files are not MIDI files and can be opened in BIAB only. Collections of BIAB songs (.sg2, etc.) are available at numerous independent locations on the Internet.

Besides, the .sg2 extension is used by VBALink, a modified version of the original Visual Boy Advance (VBA) Gameboy emulator, to denote savestate files generated by its second instance when running in a linked (multiplayer) mode. The .sg2 file is the savestate file for the second instance of VBALink, while other instances' savestates have a different numerical index (e.g., .sg1 for the first instance). VBALink savestates (.sg1, .sg2, etc.) can be re-opened to resume the game from the saved point.

Apart from that, the .sg2 extension represents the Caesar III Graphic Resource File (.sg2) file type associated with a proprietary binary file format developed by Sierra Entertainment for their Caesar III economical strategy game and other similar games. An .sg2 file contains an encoded graphical image used by the game. Besides .sg2, other resource files (.555, .sg3) are used. In Caesar III, all resource files (.555, .sg2, .sg3) are located directly in the game's installation directory.

Referring to geophysics, the .sg2 extension also represents the SEG-2 Seismic/Radar Data (.sg2) file format developed and adopted by the Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) for recording seismic data in personal computing. Such an .sg2 file contains a recording of seismic activity registered by SEG-2 compatible seismograph instrument. SEG-2 (.sg2) files can be imported or manipulated using different seismic analysis software.

Software to open or convert SG2 files

You can open SG2 files with the following programs:
WinDS PRO by WinDS PRO Central
CaddieSync Express
CaddieSync Express by SkyHawke Technologies
Band-in-a-Box by PG Music Inc.

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