Opening FXB files

Have a problem opening a .FXB file? We collect information about file formats and can explain what FXB files are. Additionally we recommend software suitable for opening or converting such files.

What is the .FXB file type?

Standing for 'Effects (FX) Bank,' the .fxb filename extension represents the VST/VSTi Bank (.fxb) file type. Initially developed by Steinberg and Propellerhead (later, Steinberg only), Virtual Studio Technology (VST) is a common plugin framework that enables adding realtime sound effects or instruments to a compatible Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) environment.

An .fxb file a VST or VSTi plugin, representing either a bank of special sound effect presets (VST) or sound-generating instruments (VSTi). Unlike .fxb files, each of which holds a set, or bank of VST or VSTi presets, single presets are saved with the .fxp extension. Either preset (.fxp) or bank (.fxb) can be loaded or imported in any VST-compatible DAW software. Some VST/VSTi plugins (.fxb, .fxp) are only intended for, and can be used with, a specific software synthesizer such as Sylenth. VST is currently the most popular and widely supported plugin format, with abundant sources of both free and paid VST/VSTi plugins for different DAW setups offered on the Internet.


Software to open or convert FXB files

You can open FXB files with the following programs:
Steinberg Cubase LE AI Elements
Steinberg Cubase LE AI Elements by Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH
Steinberg Cubase
Steinberg Cubase by Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH

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