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What is the .TRC file type?

Most frequently, the .trc filename extension is used as a short for 'Trace,' and in that meaning it is primarily associated with the Wireshark Packet Trace (TRC) file type and format. Wireshark is a powerful GPL-licensed cross-platform network analysis tool. A de facto industry standard, Wireshark is designed for in-depth inspection of TCP/IP computer networks on a transport-protocol level.

A packet trace file (.trc) is a binary dump of a sequence of network packets captured with Wireshark or any other compatible network sniffer. A TRC file can contain an arbitrary number of packets, depending on capture duration. One .trc file corresponds to one packet capture session.

TRC files can be opened in Wireshark and similar tools for inspection of individual network packets and their contents, requiring a good working knowledge of the TCP/IP network protocol stack.

Differently, but in the same 'Trace' meaning, the .trc extension is also used to denote generic trace files that are created by various applications as part of their debugging mechanism. For instance, .trc files are created and used by major relational database management systems (RDBMS) like Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle SQL*Net, etc.

A generic .trc trace file is simply a verbose dump of all database operations, function calls, application-level events, etc. written to a file on the disk. Such TRC files are used to analyze software behavior in an effort to locate ('trace') and eliminate bugs. TRC files tend to become very large and accumulate, taking up too much disk space and causing performance and stability issues. If no debugging actions are planned, TRC files are safe to delete.

Alternatively, the .trc extension is also used by OpenSim, an open-source motion modeling and capturing application. The extension serves to denote the Track Row Column (TRC) file type and format. TRC files are plaintext and store table-form data. OpenSim uses TRC files to store dimensional position data for markers to model, track and capture motion of humans, robots, etc.

Besides, the .trc extension is used by The New York Times Reader, a multi-platform (Windows/Mac/Linux) application to read electronic issues of The New York Times newspaper, as a label for its annotated article files.

Software to open or convert TRC files

You can open TRC files with the following programs:
Wireshark by The Wireshark developer community,
Wireshark by The Wireshark developer community,
Microsoft SQL Server
Microsoft SQL Server by Microsoft Corporation

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