GADGET File Extension

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What is the .GADGET file type?

The .gadget extension is related to the Sidebar Gadget concept in Microsoft (MS) Windows 7/8 and denotes sidebar gadget files. A Windows gadget is a small application with a fixed viewport attached to a sidebar on the Windows desktop, usually a handy tool like a calendar, weather informer, alarm clock etc. Windows Vista/7/8 includes a set of standard gadgets.

A .gadget file is a ZIP archive containing resource files required by the gadget program. Any gadget must include a gadget manifest file with the exact name 'gadget.xml' that contains definition of the gadget as an entity. Gadget definition is XML-based. An .html file linked to the manifest provides all functionality through the use of HTML, CSS, JavaScript etc.

In Windows Vista/7/8, the .gadget extension is pre-associated to the sidebar handler by default, and so any downloaded GADGET files are properly opened with a double-click. Windows XP does not natively have sidebar functionality, however, there are sidebar utilities for this operating system that can use and install .gadget packages.

Software to open or convert GADGET files

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