HXB File Extension

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What is the .HXB file type?

The filename extension .hxb represents the QUALCOMM Hexadecimal Bundle (.hxb) file type, with reference to QUALCOMM's proprietary software QPST (QUALCOMM Product Support Tool). Successor of the legacy QCTest, QPST is a complete set of diagnostic, recovery, debugging, and programming tools intended for qualified service technicians working with QUALCOMM-based mobile devices. QPST is also widely known to mobile phone aficionados as the tool to modify the firmware of their phones.

An .hxb file represents a firmware image of a QUALCOMM-based mobile device. In fact, it is a bundle of several hexadecimal firmware dumps that are individually saved as .hex files, while binary multi-image files are assigned the .mbn extension. Such firmware images (.hex, .hxb, or .mbn) are generally referred to as the QUALCOMM or QPST images, as they can be used with QPST or its derivatives (e.g., KWPST) only. To actually download a phone image to the phone, the QPST Software Download component is employed. All QPST phone images (.hex, .hxb, .mbn) are strictly device-specific, and using a wrong image can cause 'bricking' a phone.


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