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Considered by many as one with the best tools for web development, Mozilla Firefox is a full-featured, standard-compliant and very customizable cross-platform web browser, available on all major desktop platforms and also released as a mobile app for Android and iOS. It is an open-source project developed by Mozilla Corporation with the help of many volunteer programmers around the world. Powered by Mozilla's Gecko rendering engine, Mozilla Firefox fast and reliable and comes as the second or third popular browser in the world (usage data varies).

One of the 'killer' features of Mozilla Firefox is its support of extensions and its high customization potential (present since the very early versions and later reproduced to some extent by other web browsers). Thanks to extensions, one can build a truly personalized web browsing environment, leveraging Firefox's open architecture and also making use of the browser's rich configuration options. Besides, Mozilla Firefox uses page tabs, offers a private browsing feature, and supports custom search providers. The browser's interface has been translated into near a hundred languages and utilizes hardware graphics acceleration, if available.

Mozilla Firefox installers are available in different flavors on Mozilla's official web site. The latest version of Firefox for Microsoft Windows is distributed via a web-based installer that downloads the bulk of the application and installs it on the user's machine. In a Microsoft Windows environment, Mozilla Firefox installs to %ProgramFiles%\Mozilla Firefox, while keeping its application data separately for each user in the %AppData%\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\[profile_name] folder.

Download Mozilla Firefox

Publisher: Mozilla

Site: http://www.mozilla.org

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