MD5 File Extension

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What is the .MD5 file type?

The .md5 filename extension is universally used to denote files containing MD5 checksums. MD5 is a special hashing algorithm that creates a unique 128-bit (32-byte) hash sequence for a given block of information, with even a slightest change forcing the MD5 checksum to be entirely different. Although vulnerable to some attacks, an MD5 checksum can be practically thought of as a sort of authenticity label.

MD5 files are small plaintext files, with each line containing a 32-byte MD5 hash followed by a filename with a path. MD5 hash files would be then used by file integrity check utilities that would calculate MD5 checksums on actual files and compare the calculated hashes with those recorded in the .md5 file. Thus, such .md5 files are used as checklists, safeguarding against accidental or malicious changes.

MD5 files are often provided along with downloadable software distribution images. MD5 hash files are platform-independent, and there are MD5 utilities available in all desktop and mobile operating systems.

Software to open or convert MD5 files

You can open MD5 files with the following programs:
TeraCopy by Code Sector
TeraCopy by Code Sector Inc.
QuickPar by Peter B. Clements
TeraCopy alpha
TeraCopy alpha by Code Sector

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