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What is the .VER file type?

A short for 'version,' the .ver filename extension is commonly used to denote version information files. A version information (.ver) file is usually a text file with a version number and its concise description. Besides the version number, a .ver file may contain verbose comments and other relevant information pertaining to a particular file or application. Most commonly, a .ver file would only contain one or two version number lines. Most .ver files can be directly opened in a text editor for review.

Version information (.ver) files are used by numerous application, operating system components, version control systems, compilers, and all kinds of other software. Their purpose is to provide information about a file's or program's version, keep track of different simultaneously existing versions, or give version-specific processing instructions. Some software defines specific rules as to the use of version information (.ver) files, their proper naming and location. Since VER files are chiefly generated, updated, and referenced automatically, they should not be manually edited.


Software to open or convert VER files

You can open VER files with the following programs:
VLC media player
VLC media player by VideoLAN
Photo Gallery
Photo Gallery by Microsoft Corporation
iTunes by Apple Inc.

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