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What is the .VDI file type?

The .vdi extension's primary association lies with the Oracle VirtualBox Virtual Disk Image (VDI) file type/format. VirtualBox is the name of a robust and versatile open-source virtualization solution by Oracle, Inc. Available for a range of platforms, VirtualBox allows to set up virtual machines (VM) to run various guest operating systems (OS) in a sandbox environment of the host OS.

VDI is a binary container format used by VirtualBox to store images of disk devices that belong to guest OS'es. A .vdi file is a large binary file that contains a disk image together with some VM-specific metadata. All hard-disk devices used by VirtualBox VM's are represented by respective .vdi files.

A VDI image can contain any filesystem and can be dynamically resized, depending on VirtualBox settings. For use with other virtualization solutions (such as VMware), .vdi files can be converted into other disk-image formats (.iso, .vmdk), and vice versa.

In a different context, the .vdi extension is also used to identify the VirtualDub Information (VDI) file type/format utilized by VirtualDub, a versatile freeware video manipulation program (MS Windows) by Avery Lee. With VirtualDub, a .vdi file (normally, with the 'VirtualDub.vdi' filename) is a binary disassembler module used as part of the debugging process to collect information in case of a program crash.

In a similar sense, the .vdi extension is also used to denote StepMania debug resource files (.vdi) in relation to StepMania, a free multi-platform interactive dancing game. Those VDI files are binaries used to collect information for crash reports.

Software to open or convert VDI files

You can open VDI files with the following programs:
DAEMON Tools Lite
DAEMON Tools Lite by Disc Soft Ltd
DAEMON Tools Ultra
DAEMON Tools Ultra by Disc Soft Ltd
DAEMON Tools Pro
DAEMON Tools Pro by Disc Soft Ltd
IsoBuster by Smart Projects

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