CDG File Extension

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What is the .CDG file type?

CDG stands for the "Compact Disc + Graphics" karaoke file format. CDG files represent disc images containing audio data along with low-resolution graphics recorded as subchannel data. The CDG file specifications are included in the Red Book defining technical specifications for audio compact discs. The tracks ripped from a CD+G disc are typically saved as MP3+G or BIN files.

Due to the ability to display lyrics and basic images alongside the related song, the CDG file format has become the karaoke industry standard. That's why this file type can be opened using a compatible karaoke player/machine that will show the graphics stored in the file. Otherwise, if you open a CDG disc in a multimedia player, you may hear the audio only.

In addition, the CDG file extension is associated with CanoDraw, a data analysis software application. The graphs created by the program (scatter plots, biplots, triplots, and joint plots) are recorded as files with the .cdg extension. CanoDraw is available for Windows-based computers.

Software to open or convert CDG files

You can open CDG files with the following programs:
KaraFun Player
KaraFun Player by Recisio
AVS Media Player
AVS Media Player by Online Media Technologies Ltd.
Final Media Player
Final Media Player by Bitberry Software

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