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What is the .GRS file type?

The primary association of the .grs filename extension belongs to the GetRight Skin (.grs) file type used by GetRight, a paid download manager for Microsoft Windows from Headlight Software. To style its appearance, GetRight uses a skin mechanism. A GetRight skin (.grs) is a regular ZIP archive with a different extension. Inside, it contains a Windows bitmap file (.bmp) and a control INI-file. When a skin file (.grs) is opened in GetRight, it changes the program's user interface, according to the skin's layout. Such skin files (.grs) can be directly opened with any ZIP archiver.

Alternatively, the .grs extension stands for the Genie Run Script (GRunScript) and denotes the Genie Backup Job Script (.grs) file type used with the Genie Backup Manager (GBM) software from Genie9, Inc. GBM is a commercial data backup solution for Microsoft Windows that uses its own XML-based scripting language (GRunScript) to automate backup jobs. A backup job script (.grs) is a text file in which GBM backup tasks are described in the GRunScript syntax. Saved in the "%UserProfile%\Application Data\Genie-soft\GBMAPPLICATION\Jobs" folder, such backup scripts (.grs) can be launched manually or scheduled for automatic execution in GBM. To write or edit a backup script, one can use any text editor.

Another use of the .grs extension relates to GOCAD Suite (now, SKUA-GOCAD), a major geological and seismic modeling software from Paradigm. Here, it denotes gridded surfaces, or 2D-Grid objects that are simplified versions of surfaces and are typically used for horizons. The GOCAD 2D-Grid format (.grs) is supported in other geology and geophysics software.

In 1C:Enterprise, a Russian accounting and business intelligence software from 1C, the .grs extension denotes the 1C Graphical Schema (.grs) file type/format. A graphical schema (.grs) is a visual chart of a business process route, manually created with the Graphical Schema Designer tool. Such files can be opened in 1C:Enterprise or its Configuration Manager only.

The .grs extension is also used by the limited Student Version of the Russian T-FLEX CAD software (Top Systems) to denote its drawing files. Saved in a reduced version of T-FLEX CAD's proprietary drawing format (.grb), such .grs drawings can be opened in the T-FLEX CAD Student Version only.

Software to open or convert GRS files

You can open GRS files with the following programs:
GetRight by Headlight Software, Inc.
Genie Backup Manager Pro

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