MVM File Extension

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What is the .MVM file type?

The .mvm filename extension represents the MAGIX PhotoStory Slideshow (.mvm) file type and format. MAGIX PhotoStory (formerly, PhotoStory on CD & DVD) is a commercial Microsoft Windows slideshow authoring application from MAGIX Software GmbH. To store its project files, MAGIX PhotoStory uses several proprietary formats, like MVM (slideshow) and MPH (movie/disk project).

A MAGIX PhotoStory slideshow (.mvm) is a project-type file that provides references for external image files. Besides, the file describes all transitions, effects, soundtracks, text captions, etc. that make up a slideshow. MVM slideshows can be combined into movie/disk projects (.mph). The .mvm file itself contains no actual multimedia data. For it to be successfully loaded in MAGIX PhotoStory (or other MAGIX software that supports the MVM format), all its externally referenced files must be in place in their initial locations.

An MVM slideshow project by itself cannot be directly viewed in a multimedia player, converted into another format, or uploaded onto a hosting like YouTube; it must be first produced or exported into an actual movie (.avi or other) in MAGIX PhotoStory.

Software to open or convert MVM files

You can open MVM files with the following programs: 

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