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What is the .MP file type?

The .mp filename extension has its primary association with the PFM (Polski Format Mapy – Polish Map Format) file format and the related .mp file type. Initially developed by S.Kozicki, PFM (.mp) is an old ASCII-based format for describing vector area maps that has won a sizable support base in the GIS and GPS communities. PFM (.mp) is the native map format of cGPSmapper by S.Kozicki.

An .mp file is a large text-only file, representing a PFM map source. MP files can be edited either directly with any text editor or with the use of GUI-based map editors. MP maps often serve as intermediary source code, a working draft to be compiled into another end-user map format.

A popular use of .mp maps is to compile them into Garmin-compatible binary map files, to be used with Garmin GPS devices. There are multiple standalone utilities and online tools that allow conversion to/from the PFM (.mp) map format, targeting other GIS formats like KML (Google Earth), IMG (Garmin), and others.

Alternatively, the .mp extension also appears as a designation of MetaPost source files. MetaPost is a powerful graphics manipulation system for the TeX/LaTeX typesetting environment. Based upon the META programming language, MetaPost allows to describe, render, and produce complex vector graphics as PostScript and embed such graphics into TeX/LaTeX documents.

A MetaPost source file (.mp) is a plaintext file with a series of statements that define graphical figures, using the MetaPost syntax. To be rendered or produced as PDF or PostScript, MP source files must be processed by the MetaPost engine (mpost). Through the use of makefiles, highly customizable automated processing of .mp source files can be achieved. Any MetaPost source file (.mp) can be authored in a text editor.

Historically, the .mp extension was also used to denote 3D modeling projects created with the free Autodesk Maya PLE (Personal Learning Edition). Maya is the name of a powerful 3D modeling tool, initially developed by Alias Wavefront and taken over by Autodesk. As a way of enforcing learner's version limitations, Maya PLE could only save .mp project files, incompatible with the regular Maya project file formats (.mb and .ma). Maya PLE has been completely discontinued.

Lastly, the .mp extension is also employed to denote the compiled binary Management Pack (.mp) format used to build Management Pack Bundle (MPB) files in Microsoft System Center Service Manager. Here, an .mp file is a signed binary representation of its XML source (.xml).

Software to open or convert MP files

You can open MP files with the following programs:
WinEdt by WinEdt Team
VLC media player
VLC media player by VideoLAN
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