EX5 File Extension

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What is the .EX5 file type?

Derived from the Microsoft Windows standard extension for executables (.exe), the .ex5 filename suffix denotes the Compiled MQL5 Program (.ex5) file type/format. MQL5 (MetaQuotes Language, Version 5) is an object-oriented programming language, heavily based on C++, that was developed at MetaQuotes specifically for their MetaTrader 5 forex (foreign exchange) trading platform.

The .ex5 file is an MQL5 program compiled from its source code files (.mq5, .mqh). It can be a script, an custom indicator, or an automated trading agent. Placed into different folders in accordance with their functions, such EX5 files are recognized by the MetaTrader 5 Terminal client, with their functionality added to the main program window. MetaTrader 4 executable files bear the .ex4 extension.

Most commonly, the .ex5 file would be associated with a MetaTrader 5 robot, or Expert Advisor (EA), many of which are commercially available from different forex-related sources. Once installed by placing its .ex5 file into the required folder and launched, an EA would analyze the available indicators and signals and automatically perform trading actions aimed at maximizing the gain margin.

Software to open or convert EX5 files

You can open EX5 files with the following programs:
MetaTrader by MetaQuotes Software Corp.
FBS MetaTrader
FBS MetaTrader by MetaQuotes Software Corp.
MetaTrader 5 Terminal
MetaTrader 5 Terminal by MetaQuotes Software Corp.
Binary.com by MetaQuotes Software Corp.

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