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What is the .HR file type?

Being an acronym of 'High Resolution,' the .hr extension belongs to the obscure TRS-80 High-Resolution Image format and file type. TRS-80 (also known as 'Model I' with several sequential models) was a mass-market microcomputer actively marketed by the Tandy Corp. (Radio Shack) in 1977-1984. TRS-80 was built on the 8-bit Z-80 (Zilog) microprocessor and initially had semigraphics achieved through special semigraphical blocks that could be displayed in a text character's place. In later models (Model III/4), high-resolution pixel graphics options were added.

An .hr file is a binary file that contains a true 'high-resolution' bitmap (in contrast to semigraphics) monochrome graphical image in the format used in TRS-80 Model III and Model 4 microcomputers. Such images would typically have the resolution of 640×240 or 512×192 pixels.

HR bitmaps can still be viewed on mainstream platforms (Windows, Linux, Mac OS) by some of the major image viewers with support of multiple formats (e.g., XnView).

Software to open or convert HR files

You can open HR files with the following programs:
XnView by Gougelet Pierre-e

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