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What is the .PLD file type?

The filename extension .pld is primarily associated with the Messenger Plus! Exported Preferences Pack (.pld) file type and format developed by Yuna Software for its Messenger Plus! application. Messenger Plus! is a enhancement add-on for the Microsoft Windows Messenger (Windows Live Messenger) instant messaging client, extending the client's functionality with animated emoticons, effects, skins, and other features. Messenger Plus! allows to export all its preferences and save them into a single file (.pld) on disk. The .pld file is a binary database container that uses Yuna Software's proprietary format to store the exported settings and preferences. Once saved, the .pld file can be imported to restore the Messenger Plus! settings to their previous state. PLD files saved by earlier versions of Messenger Plus! cannot be used with later versions.

Alternatively, the .pld extension represents the PhotoLine Document (.pld) file type and format associated with PhotoLine, an advanced cross-platform (PC/Mac) vector and bitmap graphics editor commercially developed by Computerinsel GmbH. To save its documents, PhotoLine uses its native container format (.pld) that accommodated embedded bitmap/vector graphics and other objects. PhotoLine documents (.pld) can be opened in PhotoLine only and, once opened, can be published/exported to standard image or document formats.

The .pld extension is also used to denote text-based PL/SQL library files (.pld) associated with Oracle Forms applications. PL/SQL is Oracle's procedural extension of the Structured Query Language (SQL) used in such database and business intelligence systems as Oracle Database, Oracle Forms, etc. The .pld file is a text file that contains the PL/SQL source code of an application library. Binary PL/SQL libraries are denoted with the .pll extension. Using the built-in conversion tools in Oracle Forms, binary SL/SQL libraries (.pll) can be converted to the text form (.pld).

Besides, the .pld extension is related to WinCUPL, a Microsoft Windows programmable logic device (PLD) design and programming tool by Atmel Corporation. Here, it is used to denote WinCUPL source files (.pld), each of which contains a complete definition of an Atmel PLD design authored in WinCUPL using the CUPL device programming language. Before it can be used to actually program a PLD, the .pld file must be compiled.

Software to open or convert PLD files

You can open PLD files with the following programs:
Messenger Plus!
Messenger Plus! by Yuna Software
Messenger Plus! Live
Messenger Plus! Live by Yuna Software
PhotoLine by Computerinsel GmbH

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