TSV File Extension

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What is the .TSV file type?

Standing for 'Tab-Separated Values,' the .tsv extension serves to identify text-based files that contain just that: strings of values that are separated by the horizontal tabulation (tab) character (ASCII code: 09h).

The tab character itself belongs to control characters, i.e. it is not displayed itself, but causes an action to be taken (an advance of the current printing position by a fixed number of character spaces). In TSV files, however, the tab character is used primarily as a convenient delimiter of data records.

Like CSV (Comma-Separated Values), TSV is used as a text-based data-interchange format, allowing easy import/export and processing of table-form data by many databases, spreadsheet applications, office suites etc.

Besides being a means of data interchange, .tsv files can be directly opened for viewing and editing with a text editor. Because of the contained tab characters, TSV files may be displayed differently if opened with different text editors, or on different systems.

Differently, the .tsv extension is also used by hardware satellite or terrestrial digital TV tuners (like DVB-T2) for digital video files they create when recording broadcasts in the 'Time-Shifted Viewing' (TSV) mode. Such devices are also referenced as PVR (Personal Video Recorders).

A recorded video file (.tsv) is usually an MPEG-4 Transport Stream (TS) file encoded with the H.264/MPEG-4 AVC high-definition video compression codec. Such .tsv files typically have high video quality and a larger size, if compared to MKV and AVI. TSV video files can be converted into AVI with the use of converter utilities (e.g., Winavi).

Software to open or convert TSV files

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