RBF File Extension

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What is the .RBF file type?

Most commonly, the .rbf extension is associated with the Microsoft Rollback File (RBF) format and file type. An RBF file is a temporary backup file used by Windows Installer within Microsoft Windows to store application files to be replaced during installation.

Files with the .rbf extension are created by MSI processes during the installation phase. These are data files stored along with similar .rbs script files in case a rollback is necessary. All rollback-related data are stored in the 'Config.Msi' directory in the main system volume and automatically deleted if the installation went successfully.

Leftover .rbf files only show that there were unsuccessful MSI-based installation attempts in the past. They serve no purpose on a running machine and in most cases can be safely deleted.

Another occurrence of the .rbf extension is in backup file archives created and used by Retrospect data backup software developed by Retrospect, Inc.

The .rbf extension can also be found in Redatam Binary Files (RBF) used in the REDATAM (REtrieval of DATa for Small Areas by Microcomputer) population census software.

Software to open or convert RBF files

You can open RBF files with the following programs:
Retrospect by EMC
Retrospect Express HD
Retrospect Express HD by EMC Corporation
Retrospect by Dantz Development Corp.
Retrospect by Retrospect, Inc.

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