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What is the .IDML file type?

The .idml filename extension represents the InDesign Markup Language (IDML) Document (.idml) file type, with reference to the IDML file format developed by Adobe Systems for their premium commercial desktop publishing software Adobe InDesign. Introduced in Adobe InDesign CS5, IDML is an XML format that has replaced the previously used InDesign Exchange (INX) format. Like its predecessor INX, IDML is backwards-compatible and serves as a main exchange format in Adobe InDesign. For developers, Adobe Systems provides complete IDML documentation and a set of IDML tools (IDMLTools).

The .idml file is a text-based IDML document. It is an XML file that conforms to Adobe's IDML Schema and contains a compete representation of an Adobe InDesign document, used for exchange and publishing purposes. Such IDML files can be imported in Adobe InDesign, and any .idml file can be directly opened as XML code in a text editor. Besides, thanks to the published IDML Language Specification, such files can be programmatically processed by a number of tools and utilities. Visual rendering of IDML documents, however, requires Adobe InDesign or InDesign Server.


Software to open or convert IDML files

You can open IDML files with the following programs:
Adobe InDesign CC
Adobe InDesign CC by Adobe Systems Incorporated
Adobe InDesign CS4
Adobe InDesign CS4 by Adobe Systems Incorporated

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