BXZ File Extension

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What is the .BXZ file type?

BX Language acquisition, a foreign-language vocabulary trainer developed by A.Baksarayev as a Microsoft Windows and Android application with a free-to-use license for non-commercial purposes, uses the .bxz extension to denote its dictionary files. Such a dictionary (.bxz) file contains matched word pairs and other linguistic data, compressed in a special archive format understood by BX Language acquisition. A selection of pre-compiled BXZ dictionaries is available for downloading from the application's website. In addition to that, any .bxz dictionary can be edited and re-saved using BX Language acquisition's built-in dictionary editor. For each modified .bxz dictionary file, the program automatically keeps up to three backup copies.

The .bxz extension is also used in Acomba, premium accounting and business management software developed by ACCEO Solutions Inc. for small-to-medium companies, to denote Acomba accountant review (.bxz) files. Generated through the "File > Accountant" menu, the .bxz file contains accounting data exported for review/adjustment by an accountant, usually remotely. Such .bxz files are not Acomba backup files (those are commonly designated with the .baz extension) and cannot be used to restore data.

Additionally, the .bxz extension was used to denote service data files created by Sony PictureGear Studio, Sony's legacy proprietary image manipulation and creativity software once distributed with Sony still-image cameras, Sony Vaio computers, and Sony photo printers.

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