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What is the .IM file type?

The .im filename extension primarily represents the Auran Jet Indexed Mesh File (.im) file type. Auran Jet is a game engine developed by Auran (now, N3V Games) for their popular railroad simulator Trainz, and the Indexed Mesh (.im) is the core format behind all solid geometry handled by Jet (or the newer T:ANE engine). An .im file is a Trainz shape file, representing a three-dimensional model of a locomotive, building, or a scenery object that appears in a railroad simulation. In a chunked binary format, the .im file defines a model's geometry through material specifications, lighting characteristics, vertex and animation data, rendered in 3D view by the game engine. Besides the Trainz Asset Creation Studio, Trainz shape files (.im) can be created in several 3D modeling environments using dedicated N3V Games exporter plugins, and can be directly viewed with the Trainz Object Explorer (TOE) utility. Various resources concerning Trainz content creation and the use of .im format are available on the Auran Trainz official website.

The .im extension is alternatively associated with the MIMS Image File (.im, .nrrd) file type and a particular file format which is used to save Multi-Isotope Mass Spectrometry (MIMS) images obtained with Cameca NanoSIMS mass spectrometers. An .im file represents a container holding raw images of multiple MIMS scans, along with other relevant data. Such MIMS images (.im, .nrrd) can be opened and processed using several specialized software tools that include, for instance, the OpenMIMS ImageJ plugin.

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