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What is the .PDT file type?

In relation to Windows Mobile devices, the .pdt extension refers to the Microsoft InkWriter/Note Taker Template (PDT) file format/type. Microsoft InkWriter is a Windows Mobile application for taking notes and processing handwritten text with limited word-processing options. PDT files are used with InkWriter as document templates. A .pdt template is a pre-made skeleton InkWriter document. Besides InkWriter/Note Taker, PDT files are recognized and can be opened by all recent releases of Microsoft Office.

Another association of the .pdt extension has to do with the ProCite Database (.pdt) file format and type. A paid Windows/MacOS X application to manage bibliographical references (mainly, in scholarly works), ProCite (now, EndNote by Thomson Reuters) used a proprietary database format (PDT/PDX). A .pdt file is a ProCite database file that usually comes together with a corresponding database index (.pdx). ProCite 4/5 database files (.pdt) can be converted into the more recent EndNote format (.enl), using a Microsoft Windows installation of EndNote.

Symantec Packager—a software package deployment software for Microsoft Windows by Symantec—uses the .pdt extension in association with the Symantec Packager Product Template (.pdt) file type/format. Symantec Packager is used to create and deploy custom installation packages, and .pdt files are there to control features, options, components, and settings of Symantec Packager-compatible software to be deployed. PDT files are similar to Symantec product configuration files (.pcg).

With the HPS Campaign Eckmuhl historical battle simulator, the .pdt extension denotes the Battleground Parameter Data Table (.pdt) file type and format. Campaign Eckmuhl simulates several well-known Napoleonic (Waterloo, Borodino, etc.) and other battles. PDT files are text-based lists of control values that define a whole range of battlefield parameters (time, weather, unit location and condition, ammunition type and availability, movement limits, etc.).

Historically, the .pdt extension is also associated with the IBM PC5250 Printer Definition Table (PDT) file type/format. PC5250 refers to the emulator of an old mainframe terminal device, widely used in relation to IBM iSeries (formerly, AS/400). A .pdt file contains information about control sequences and general communication protocol a printer supports. PDT files are mainly used with IBM iSeries Access for Windows.

Apart from that, the .pdt extension also goes together with the JTV 3.x TV Program Data (PDT) file type and format. JTV is a freeware TV viewing application (Microsoft Windows) that relies on a TV tuner card to display TV on a computer screen, supporting teletext, TV schedules, etc. In pair with a companion .ndx file, a .pdt file is a TV schedule for a single TV channel. TV schedules in the JTV format (PDT/NDX, binary) are recognized by several other TV and IP-TV players.

Software to open or convert PDT files

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