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What is the .MTF file type?

The .mtf filename extension has its primary association with the Multi-Track File (MTF) file type/format used with Multi Tracker, an audio mixer application for MS Windows/Mac OS X/iOS by Song Galaxy. An MTF file is a musical composition broken down into separate instrument tracks. It is basically a password-protected ZIP archive with several audio files (Ogg). Each .ogg file inside the .mtf package represents a single instrument and is named accordingly. Through the use of .mtf files, Multi Tracker allows to manipulate individual instrument tracks within a recorded musical composition. Numerous MTF song files are commercially available from Song Galaxy.

With Digital Music Mentor (DMM), the .mtf extension is used to denote DMM document files (.mtf). DMM is a commercial application by Sienzo AB that helps guitar players record song tablatures by analyzing waveform recordings. A DMM document (.mtf) is a song represented by guitar chords (A, Em, etc.) and/or bass tabs properly positioned over the song's lyrics. DMM documents can be exported to Microsoft Word, RTF, or HTML.

Additionally, the .mtf extension is used together with the MyTestXPro Test File (MTF) file type/format. MyTestXPro is a multi-language shareware application for Microsoft Windows by A.Bashlakov, designed to author and administer knowledge tests in educational institutions. MyTestXPro is widely used in Russia. An .mtf file is a single MyTestXPro test module in a compressed and encrypted format. MTF files are usually password-protected to prevent students from cheating by looking up the answers table. MTF test files can be opened with MyTestXPro and MyTestX (lite freeware version).

Besides, the .mtf extension serves to denote translation memory (TM) index files created and used by SDL Trados, a well-established commercial computer-aided translation (CAT) software by SDL. A TM unit consists of five different files (.mdf, .mwf, .iix, .mtf, .tmw), all interconnected and necessary in the context of the current TM unit. Here, an .mtf file is a TM index, not meant to be opened or manipulated manually.

Apart from that, the .mtf extension also associates with the MegaMek Unit Definition Format (.mtf) and the related file type. MegaMek is an unofficial open implementation of the popular board game Battletech. MTF is a simple text-based format that relies heavily on whitespace as delimiter. An .mtf file is a definition of a MegaMek mechanized battle unit ("mech" or "mek") that can be used in the game. MTF files are usually used for custom mechs, with a number of them included in the base MegaMek game. There are tools to create .mtf files by conversion from other formats (like .ssw). Any MegaMek .mtf file can be authored/viewed with a text editor.

XLActuary, a commercial actuarial add-in for Microsoft Excel by Armon Technologies, LLC, uses the .mtf extension to denote mortality table files (.mtf). Such files contain normalized mortality data based on the officially published annual actuarial tables (Static Mortality Tables). An .mtf file is a binary file in a private format supported by XLActuary. MTF updates are provided by Armon Technologies.

Also, the .mtf extension is used to identify MasterCook Tips files (.mtf) created and used with MasterCook, a commercial cooking recipe organizer for MS Windows and content delivery service by ValuSoft. MasterCook (versions 5 and later) uses the "MC Tips.mtf" file located in the "MC Tools" directory to store cooking tips.

The .mtf extension additionally stands for the Modeler Text Format (MTF), a text-based file format used for data-exchange purposes in Modeler, a powerful commercial sound system modeling and design tool by Bose. A Modeler .mtf file is a textual representation of a model prepared with third-party modeling tools and exported with the Bose Modeler plugin.

Lastly, the .mtf extension also represents the Motorola Theme File (MTF) file format and type. A Motorola theme (.mtf) is a compressed archive file that contains a screensaver image, a wallpaper, and a ringtone. Such MTF themes are meant for and supported by a range of older Motorola mobile phone devices.

Software to open or convert MTF files

You can open MTF files with the following programs:
MasterCook by Valusoft Cosmi
MyTestX by Bashlakov Alexsander

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