HZSKIN File Extension

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What is the .HZSKIN file type?

The .hzskin filename extension belongs to the HaoZip HZSKIN Skin/Theme Pack (.hzskin) file type associated with the HaoZip archiver utility. Developed by Ruichuang Network Technology Co., Ltd. and distributed as multilingual Microsoft Windows freeware, HaoZip is widely popular in China thanks to its support of many compression formats. In addition to its main features, HaoZip provides support for skins to customize the look-and-feel of its GUI.

The .hzskin file is a distributable HaoZip skin theme package. It is a regular ZIP archive that contains the skin (.skn) file, along with its theme resourses packaged into another enclosed .zip archive. At the time of its installation, HaoZip associates itself with the .hzskin file type, and a double-click on a HaoZip skin/theme package (.hzskin) will prompt to install its contents to the "%ProgramFiles%\HaoZip\config\Skins" and "..\config\Themes" subfolders, respectively, to become available in the skin and theme selection list. In addition to using standalone .hzskin packages, one can download skins and themes directly from the HaoZip GUI.


Software to open or convert HZSKIN files

You can open HZSKIN files with the following programs:
HaoZip by HaoZip Software Studio
HaoZip by Ruichuang Network Technology Co.,Ltd

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