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What is the .IND file type?

Derived as an abbreviation of 'Index,' the filename extension .ind primarily serves to denote various index files created by different software such as databases, search engines, e-mail clients, media players, and other. The purpose of an index (.ind) file is to create a miniature database that would correspond to a much larger array of data (a directory of files, a database table, or mailbox file) and enable quick and efficient search within it. Since index (.ind) files have a multitude of different uses, the extension only points out to the file's general function as an index, without giving clues as to the actual file format used. As a rule, no .ind files are intended to be directly opened by the user. Instead, indexes (.ind) are automatically processed and updated by the software that created them.

As a particular instance of denoting index files, the .ind suffix occurs in the "MEMSTICK.ind" and "MSTK_PRO.ind" files that are automatically created on every Sony Memory Stick memory device when formatted by a Sony device. There .ind files retain some sort of a unique index compiled during formatting and are required for the Memory Stick to be properly recognized by Sony hardware. There are service files that are not to be meant to be opened or manipulated by the user.

Alternatively, the .ind filename suffix may occasionally be used to represent the Adobe InDesign Document (.ind, .indd) file type, following the legacy 8.3 style. Adobe InDesign is a commercial cross-platform Desktop Publishing (DTP) solution by Adobe Systems that saves its documents in its own, propritary file format (.indd). The canonical extension for all Adobe InDesign documents is .indd, and it should be used instead of .ind.

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