FGT File Extension

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What is the .FGT file type?

The filename extension .fgt represents the Greeting Card Factory Gift Tag (.fgt) file type, with reference to the Greeting Card Factory personal creativity software, commercially available from Nova Development on Microsoft Windows. Providing a large stock of images and ready-made designs, Greeting Card Factory allows to create personalized greeting cards, labels, stickers, gift tags, and similar print items. To distinguish among project types, the software uses different filename extensions.

Particularly, the .fgt file is a gift tag project authored in Greeting Card Factory. In a binary format, the .fgt file contains all data that defines a given gift tag project, including any clipart or stock images used. Due to the use of a proprietary file format, such gift tag (.fgt) projects can only be opened in Greeting Card Factory. Like other file types specific to this software, the .fgt file type is pre-associated with Greeting Card Factory at the time of its installation, and any gift tag project (.fgt) can be opened with a double-click.


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