JPS File Extension

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What is the .JPS file type?

Standing for JPEG Stereoscopic (JPS), the .jps filename extension serves to denote the Stereoscopic JPEG Image (.jps) file type, commonly associated with one of the many available 3D viewers. In contrast to anaglyph stereoscopic images that combine both the left-eye and the right-eye views of the same scene in a single image through red-blue color division, JPS images store two full-color versions of the same scene. A .jps file is a special JPEG image file intended to be viewed with 3D viewing software or hardware. It contains two regular JPEG images, one for each eye, arranged side-by-side in a cross-eyed fashion (i.e. the right-eye image first). Other than the combination of two images in a single file, the .jps files are not different from regular JPEG images and can be directly opened in any conventional image viewer or editor. If the internal format (JPEG) is not recognized by the software for some reason, the extension can be manually changed to .jpeg or .jpg. By the same token, stereoscopic PNG images arranged in the same way have the .pns extension. Collections of JPS stereoscopic images are available for downloading from many sources on the Internet.

Software to open or convert JPS files

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