Opening THUMBDATA3 files

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What is the .THUMBDATA3 file type?

The .thumbdata3-[10 random digits] extension is a service extension used within the Google Android operating system. Android is an open-source operating system based upon the Linux kernel and developed with strong support both from Google, Inc. and the international community. Android is dedicatedly targeted at touch-screen mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets etc.

The "thumbdata3" part of the extension stands for 'Thumbnail Data,' and such .thumbdata3-[10] files are simply binary files that contain preview images (thumbnails) for images located in a given directory. There is a separate .thumbdata3-[10] file in each directory containing image files, usually on external storage media (SD cards etc.).

Such thumbnail files are created automatically the first time a directory with images is accessed and are usually left behind even when images are deleted.

Such .thumbdata3-[10] files are service files and are not meant to be opened by the user. Still, they can be safely deleted to save storage space, as they will be re-created by the system when needed.

Software to open or convert THUMBDATA3 files

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