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What is the .INDEX file type?

When appearing as a filename extension, the text string '.index' serves to point out that the file in question is in fact an index of some kind, denoting a very generic Index File (.index, etc.) file type. In computing, indexes are used to compile quickly searchable databases of the actual digital content, which is typically much larger in size and is difficult or slow to search. Indexes (.index, etc.) allow to quickly search and manage large data arrays as well as monitor and control information-intensive processes such as data recovery operations.

An .index file is an index created by a computer program for its purposes. Besides the generic .index extension, other extensions may be used for index files. Depending on the application, index files may come in a variety of internal formats, from plain text to complex binary constructs. Index files make sense and actually serve any purpose only in pair with the indexed content. As a rule, all index files (.index, etc.) are automatically created and maintained by the relevant software, without the need for any manual action on part of the user.


Software to open or convert INDEX files

You can open INDEX files with the following programs:
EnCase by Guidance Software, Inc.
VLC media player
VLC media player by VideoLAN
EnCase by Guidance Software
KZod by By Zilvinas Ledas

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