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What is the .OPUS file type?

The .opus extension belongs to the Opus Audio (.opus) file format and type. Jointly developed and backed by Skype, the Mozilla Foundation, and Xiph.org, Opus is an open audio compression codec, internationally standardized as IETF RFC 6716.

Drawing on technologies developed in the earlier SILK (Skype's proprietary codec) and CELT, an open audio codec by Xiph.org, Opus provides excellent streaming capabilities with dynamic adjustment and extremely low latencies, superior sound quality, and outstanding data compression. Opus is fully supported by Mozilla applications and the key audio codec in Skype.

An .opus file is a digital audio file encoded with the open Opus codec. Opus files use the Ogg container format. Direct playback of .opus files is currently supported by several well-known media players like VLC, while others require an external Opus codec ("libopus") to be installed first.

Opus developer team provides a set of reference tools to get information about .opus files ("opusinfo") and convert them to/from WAV ("opusenc", "opusdec"). On Microsoft Windows, Opus-encoded audio can be created with foobar2000 with the Free Encoder Pack installed.

Software to open or convert OPUS files

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