PLU File Extension

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What is the .PLU file type?

The .plu filename extension has its primary association with the Autodesk Portable License Utility (PLU) License File (.plu) file type and format. PLU is a tool provided by Autodesk with reference to older (prior to 2010) releases of commercial Autodesk software to transfer the active license status from one standalone computer to another.

A .plu file is a temporary license transfer file generated by PLU, basing on the currently active license information and the target machine details. Any .plu file is installation-specific and is meant to be used only to switch between the installations of the same Autodesk software product on two different machines.

Alternatively, the .plu extension also goes together with the Plugwise Settings Backup File (.plu) file type/format. It has to do with Plugwise Source, a commercial software to manage hardware climate control appliances, such as air conditioners. Plugwise Source allows to backup all settings into a single file (.plu) that can be transferred to a different Plugwise Source installation and restored there.

Additionally, the .plu extension represents the Sensofar PLu Data File (.plu) file type and format used with reference to the Sensofar PLu optical 3D profiler devices. Sensofar PLu profilers save their data as .plu files that can be processed, using Sensofar software, or imported into other SPM (Scanning Probe Microscopy) programs, such as Gwyddion.

Apart from the above, the .plu extension also occurs as a designation of Price Look-up Unit (PLU) data files used to program price computing scales at retail points of sale. Such .plu files contain item descriptions, codes, pricing data, and label designs used as a basis for weighing and printing price labels.

Software to open or convert PLU files

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