NEXT File Extension

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What is the .NEXT file type?

The .next extension is used to label torrent files created specifically for the BTNext torrent client family. BTNext is the largest Portuguese torrent (P2P, peer-to-peer) tracker that requires an invite-only registration, uses rating and donation systems and imposes its own torrent client. BTNext serves the Portuguese IP-address pool only.

A generic torrent file is a small-size binary file that contains a hash of some user data (one or more files or directories) that uniquely identifies such data and enables its exchange over a P2P network with a torrent client. Torrent files themselves do not contain any user data, they are just pointers to where such data can be found.

A .next file is a torrent file meant to be opened only with one of the BTNext torrent clients (BTNext Legacy, BTNext Evolution etc.). Some other torrent clients may be able to recognize a .next torrent file with the extension changed to .torrent. However, such torrent files may not be usable as the BTNext tracker does not support any torrent clients except its own.

Software to open or convert NEXT files

You can open NEXT files with the following programs: 

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