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What is the .LBL file type?

Chiefly, the .lbl extension associates with the Zebra Designer Label (LBL) file type and format. Zebra is an established provider of turn-key and consumer printing solutions, printer devices, and software. Zebra Designer is a paid/free Microsoft Windows application to design and print stickers, product or item barcode labels, or wristbands, using Zebra Programming Language (ZPL) to control a Zebra printer.

Here, an .lbl file is a label project created with Zebra Designer. LBL is Zebra Designer's native format. Internally, LBL files use Microsoft's Composite Document File (V2) format. With the "Store pictures into label" option turned on in Zebra Designer, bitmap images are stored inside .lbl files.

Similarly, standing for 'Label,' the .lbl extension is often used by other software titles in association with their label files. A label file is a document in a specific format that represents a label or barcode to be printed on a regular or special printer. For instance, the LBL file type is used by Now Contact (Now Software), Nice Label (Euro Plus), and others. LBL files originating from different software are not compatible.

In motor car diagnostics, the .lbl extension denotes VCDS Label File (LBL) file type. VCDS (formerly, VAG-COM) is the name of a hardware+software toolset by Ross-Tech LLC to perform professional diagnostics of VAG (Volkswagen-Audi Group) automobiles via the standard OBD-II and later interfaces.

A .lbl file is a plaintext listing of various control and measurement options for a specific car make and model. Usually, .lbl files have ECU (Electronic Control Unit) codes and part numbers as their names (e.g., "1K0-955-559-AF.lbl") and can be encrypted. Both plain (.lbl) and encrypted (.clb) label files are meant to be used with the VCDS software only.

The Lunar Terminator Visualization Tool (LTVT), an open lunar topography project, uses the .lbl extension to mark external image metadata files (.lbl) that accompany Digital Elevation Model (DEM) images in the PDS (Planetary Data Systems) format (NASA). A .lbl file is a heavily commented text file that contains all relevant information about a given image of the Moon. Some DEM images (.img) contain such ASCII metadata in their headers.

Lastly, the .lbl extension was long used to identify database label files, massively occurring in relation to dBASE, a legacy RDBMS, and its derivatives (Clipper, FoxPro). A database label (.lbl) is a plaintext file that belongs to dBASE database design files.

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