IXV File Extension

Have a problem opening a .IXV file? We collect information about file formats and can explain what IXV files are. Additionally we recommend software suitable for opening or converting such files.

What is the .IXV file type?

The .ixv filename extension belongs to the IXOS/Open Text Document (IXV) file type and format. IXV is an older proprietary document format developed by IXOS for the use with IXOS (now, Open Text) data-management solutions for SAP (Systems, Applications and Products in Data Processing).

An .ixv file is an IXOS/Open Text ECM (Enterprise Content Management) document. IXV is not a standard document format, but rather a distinct proprietary format with a very specific area of usage. IXV files are mainly encountered in those business environments that make use of both IXOS/Open Text and SAP software systems.

Outside such business environments, IXV files can be opened with several proprietary viewer tools, such as IXOS Windows Viewer for SAP (older), SAP IXOS/Open Text Viewer (newer), Livelink Archive Windows Viewer etc. There may be installation prerequisites for such IXV viewers, allowing to install the software, only if another SAP or IXOS/Open Text product is present on the system.

Software to open or convert IXV files

You can open IXV files with the following programs: 

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