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What is the .CPK file type?

The filename extension .cpk is primarily associated with the CRIWARE Resource Package (.cpk) file type and format developed by CRI Middleware, Inc. for their proprietary game-oriented middleware CRIWARE. The CRIWARE technology was used in a number of games released for all major gaming platforms. In all CRIWARE-based games, resources are stored in CRIWARE packages (.cpk). The .cpk file is an archive containing in a compressed form various game resources such as sounds, character models and data, videos, music, etc. Such files are recognized by their ASCII "CPK" signature in the file header. Although no .cpk file is intended for direct user manipulation, such .cpk packages are often extracted and modified by enthusiast players for the sake of modding using an assortment of unofficial tools to work with the CPK format.

Another file type that uses the .cpk extension is the Microsoft Driver Test Manager (DTM) Test Package (.cpk) file type/format. DTM is part of the Windows Logo Kit (WLK) hardware certification toolkit maintained by Microsoft in the scope of their Windows Dev Center-Hardware Dashboard service which replaced the former Winqual (Windows Quality Online Services) and WHQL (Windows Hardware Quality Labs) services. A test package generated by the DTM software (DTM Studio) is saved as a compressed .cpk file, to be further submitted to Windows Dev Center-Hardware Dashboard for certification. The .cpk file contains a full log of all tests performed against a specific piece of hardware and their respective results. Before submission, saved test packages (.cpk) can be reviewed using the DTM Log Viewer tool or DTM Studio.

The .cpk extension is also associated with the IBM Rational Synergy Database Pack (.cpk) file type/format used by the cross-platform software development framework IBM Rational Synergy. The database server within IBM Rational Synergy can be configured to different development models represented by pack (.cpk) files. Such .cpk files ("base.cpk" for the default model) serve as database models to generate new, empty Rational Synergy databases. A training database ("training.cpk") is included with IBM Rational Synergy.

Besides, the .cpk extension occurs in association with the Sega Saturn Multimedia (CPK) file format that was used to deliver full motion video (FMV) in many games published for the once-popular Sega and Sega Saturn game consoles. Based on the Cinepak video codec, CPK was a proprietary container format that supported interleaved multiplexing of both audio and video and existed in a variety of versions. Found on any Sega/Sega Saturn game CD's, such .cpk files can be directly opened and played by some general-purpose multimedia players (e.g., MPlayer).

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