PRC File Extension

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What is the .PRC file type?

Most frequently, the .prc filename extension is an acronym of 'Palm Resource Compiler' (PRC) and is used to denote the PRC file format and file type. PRC is used in conjunction with PDB (Palm Database) to store resources for a PDB database.

All .prc files receive their extension only on a computer filesystem, because the Palm internal architecture does not use a filesystem but a database instead. PRC files are databases that contain various resources (program code, images, sounds, documents etc.) that can be used on a Palm device, e-book reader etc.

Particularly, .prc files became a popular way to store and distribute e-books, in which case they can receive the Mobipocket .mobi extension. MOBI files are PRC database files by format with some possible extensions.

PRC files are meant to be used on a Palm device and are stored on a computer for backup/synchronization purposes. PRC files can also be DRM-protected, in which case there will be limitations on copying/opening.

Right along the e-book line, .prc files are also directly supported by Amazon Kindle bookreader devices, as the PRC format is almost identical to AZW, the native Kindle format promoted by Amazon. However, Kindle devices cannot handle DRM-protected .prc files.

Aside from PalmOS, the .prc extension also stands for 'Product Representation Compact' (PRC), an ISO-standardized portable binary format (by Adobe Systems, Inc., released to ISO) for interchange of 3D-modeling data (scene geometry, relationships, tesselation etc.). PRC data can be embedded into PDF files, or stored as separate .prc files.

Alternatively, the .prc extension can be found in presentation files created with Corel Presentations, part of the proprietary/commercial Corel WordPerfect software suite. Corel PRC files are more commonly encountered with the .shw extension.

Software to open or convert PRC files

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