JPEGENX File Extension

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What is the .JPEGENX file type?

The .jpegenx filename extension represents the generic Encrypted JPEG Image (.jpegenx) file type. This filename suffix was introduced with Acer eData Security Management tool (developed by HiTrust, later Egis Technology Inc.), pre-installed on every new Acer notebook PC as part of the Acer Empowering Technology to provide data protection capability.

A .jpegenx file is a binary data file that contains an encrypted version of a JPEG image created by Acer eData Security or a later tool by Egis Technology (MyWinLocker, BioExcess). The .jpegenx suffix indicates the file's protected status, as the image cannot be opened and viewed, unless it is decrypted first using the same tool that was used to create it. To decrypt a .jpegenx file, one must know the original user password or the supervisor password, if set at the time of encryption. The .jpegenx file type is registered in the system with installation of any HiTrust (Egis Technology Inc.) tool that uses it, and the default open action invokes a password input prompt for decryption.


Software to open or convert JPEGENX files

You can open JPEGENX files with the following programs:
MyWinLocker by Egis Technology Inc.
BioExcess by Egis Technology Inc.
MyWinLocker by EgisTec

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