MKA File Extension

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What is the .MKA file type?

Along with several other filename extensions (.mkv, .mks, .mk3d), the .mka suffix belongs to Matroska (Matröška), specifically denoting the Matroska Audio (.mka) file type. An open cross-platform standard, Matroska is an advanced multimedia container format designed to support multiple audio, video, and subtitle tracks, to be extensible, error-resistant, and suitable for HTTP/RTP streaming. Matroska is natively understood by a wide range of software players and hardware devices such as TV's, STB's, smartphones.

The .mka file is a regular Matroska container packaging one or more audio tracks encoded with any supported codec. AAC and AC3 (Dolby Digital) are the most commonly used codecs. Besides those, FLAC and TTA+CUE are used, too. Playback of an .mka file requires support for the standard Matroska container (demuxing) and the audio codec used to encode the tracks.

MKA files often serve as external movie soundtracks in a different language or with different sound options or content (multi-channel sound, production comments). Another popular use of the audio-only Matroska container (.mka) is to store high-quality multi-channel music.

Software to open or convert MKA files

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