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What is the .JS file type?

The .js extension stands for JavaScript, and its primary association lies with the JavaScript Script (JS) file type. JavaScript is a versatile interpreted programming language and the most successful implementation of the ECMAScript standard. JavaScript is a client-side scripting platform that allows to have scripts (programs) executed by client software such as web browsers, etc.

JavaScript (along with AJAX) has become immensely popular on the Web as a means of programming interactive interface elements and generating dynamic web-page content. Besides web development, JavaScript is used as an application development and scripting language. Currently, JavaScript is universally supported by all web browsers and other web clients.

JavaScript programs are either embedded into web pages, or linked to them as separate .js files. A .js file is a text-based file with a JavaScipt script intended to be loaded and run by a web client in the context of a web page.

JavaScript .js files can be opened with any text editor, however, an editor with syntax highlighting is preferred for editing.

Alternatively, the .js extension can be used in Microsoft (MS) Windows operating systems to denote JScript script files (.js). JScript is Microsoft's own implementation of ECMAScript, very similar to JavaScript.

In web development, JScript is used in client-side scripting and server-side ASP (Active Server Pages) programming. Besides, JScript is also used in Windows system administration, being supported by the MS Windows Script Host scripting framework.

Software to open or convert JS files

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