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What is the .SAI file type?

The primary association of the .sai filename extension belongs to the PaintTool SAI Image (.sai) file type/format used by PaintTool SAI, a paid Microsoft Windows-based bitmap painting tool and graphics editor from SYSTEMAX Software Development. Popular among amateur anime artists, PaintTool SAI natively uses its own image file format (.sai) to save graphics and provides support for a range of common bitmap formats.

The .sai file is a graphical image saved in PaintTool SAI. Similar to Adobe Photoshop's PSD format, SAI supports multiple layers (including vector-based) and preserves transparency and selections. Image files in this proprietary format (.sai) cannot be opened by any other software, except PaintTool SAI. As an alternative to using its own format, PaintTool SAI allows to open and save graphics in several common bitmap formats (JPEG, PNG, etc.), effectively acting as a converter.

As an abbreviation for 'Simply Accounting Icon,' the .sai extension also denotes the Sage 50 Data File (.sai) file type/format used by the Sage 50 Accounting (formerly, Simply Accounting) business management tool from Sage Software. In Sage 50 since version 2008, each company's data is saved into a separate subfolder (.saj) associated with a company data file (.sai), also referred to as the icon file. Saved in a proprietary binary format, the .sai file acts as a launcher/linker for the actual database files (ibdata1, etc.) saved in the .saj subfolder. Both the .saj folder and the .sai file must have the same base name.

Software to open or convert SAI files

You can open SAI files with the following programs:
Sage 50 Accounting
Sage 50 Accounting by Sage Software
Sage 50 Accounting Version
Sage 50 Comptabilité
Sage 50 Comptabilité by Sage Software
Sage 50 Accounting Component
Simply Accounting by Sage
Simply Accounting by Sage by Sage Software

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