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What is the .FEA file type?

As a short for 'feature,' the .fea filename extension is primarily associated with the Adobe OpenType Feature File (.fea) file type used with OpenType, an open standard specification for scalable typographic fonts, initially developed by Microsoft and Adobe Systems.

A .fea file is a text file in which OpenType font features are described in a special syntax, according to the OpenType Feature File Specification (Adobe Systems). Such files can be created and modified in any text editor. Usually referenced via 'include' statements in OpenType source code, OpenType feature files (.fea) define font metrics, glyph substitution and positioning rules, and special typography features. Using font authoring software such as Adobe Font Development Kit for OpenType (AFDKO), OpenType source files, including layout feature (.fea) files, are compiled into their binary form (.ttf or .otf).

The .fea extension is also associated with the FilZip Encrypted Archive (.fea) file type/format. FilZip is an archive management application developed by Philipp Engel for Microsoft Windows and released as freeware. The .fea suffix is assigned to encrypted (AES128) archive files created by using the "Encrypt archive..." command in FilZip. Each encrypted archive (.fea) is protected with a password/passphrase and can be decrypted in FilZip only.

Software to open or convert FEA files

You can open FEA files with the following programs:
Filzip by Philipp Engel
Geany by The Geany developer team

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