KCC File Extension

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What is the .KCC file type?

The filename extension .kcc represents the ADP KCML Document (.kcc) file type, initially introduced by the Kerridge KCML Client software and associated with its successor, ADP KCML Client. ADP KCML Client is a proprietary Microsoft Windows application by CDK Global (formerly, ADP Dealer Services), provided by the company to its partner auto dealers to enable their access to the centralized vehicle database. KCML stands for Kerridge C Macro Language, and it is used as the main programming language used by the ADP (formerly, Kerridge) software.

A .kcc file is an ADP KCML Client document whose data structures are defined using KCML. Created and used exclusively with ADP (Kerridge) software, such .kcc files represent the application data storage for ADP/Kerridge KCML Client. The .kcc file type is pre-associated with the ADP KCML Client software during its installation, which enables opening .kcc files in ADP KCML Client with a double-click.


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