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What is the .WBK file type?

The .wbk extension primarily belongs to the Microsoft Office Word Document Backup (WBK) file type and format. Microsoft Office is a proprietary office productivity solution by Microsoft (MS) targeted at MS Windows users. Comprising a number of task-specific applications, MS Office is still largely considered a de facto standard all-purpose office tool.

MS Office Word, the word-processing component of MS Office, uses .wbk files as document backups. Whether or not a .wbk backup is saved is controlled by the "Always create backup copy" option in the application's settings (MS Word). With the above option enabled, the WBK backup file would normally be created in the same directory as the original document file and updated every time the original document is saved.

WBK files are different from AutoRecover files (.asd), as the latter are created in a central AutoRecover location and use a different file format. WBK document backups can be directly opened in MS Word or any other word processor that supports MS Word document format(-s).

Alternatively, the .wbk extension has another association with the Corel WordPerfect Workbook (WBK) file type/format. WordPerfect Office is the name of a commercial office application suite developed by Corel, Inc. WBK is a legacy document format that was used with earlier versions of WordPerfect for saving workbook files.

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