R11 File Extension

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What is the .R11 file type?

Indexed extensions like .r11 belong to the generic Multi-part RAR Archive Volume (.r00.r99) file type, directly related to the proprietary RAR archive format and data compression algorithm by E.Roshal. RAR is natively supported by the RAR command-line archiver and its Microsoft Windows derivative WinRAR. A multi-part archive is a single RAR archive broken down in multiple parts (volumes) of the same size.

According to the older naming convention, volumes of such archives receive indexed extensions from .r00 to .r99, in which the numerical index denotes a file's position within the sequence of volumes. So, the .r11 file is the thirteenth volume of a multi-part RAR archive, assuming the existence of the preceding eleven volumes. The first volume always receives the standard .rar extension. The newer scheme calls for using the standard .rar filename suffix preceded by the part number (e.g., filename.part11.rar).

Archive volumes like .r11 are recognized and can be opened and processed by RAR/WinRAR and all RAR-compatible archivers. Complete extraction of data from a multi-part archive requires availability of all its parts.

Software to open or convert R11 files

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