LABEL File Extension

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What is the .LABEL file type?

The .label file extension is commonly associated with DYMO Label software designed for creating various types of labels such as name badges, shipping labels, identity cards, etc. When a user designs a label in the program, the project is saved as a file with the .label extension.

The LABEL file format is multi-platform since the software can run on Windows and Mac computers. There are also third-party applications using DYMO Label SDK and the LABEL file format.

Files with the .label extension contain different object types that define the label's content: text position and formatting properties (font size, style, and color), barcodes, date and time data, PNG images, addresses, vertical and horizontal lines, geometric figures like rectangles and ellipses.

The LABEL file format replaced the .lwl file format used in DYMO Label software before version 8. Files with the .label extension are XML-based, so it is possible to review or edit their content using appropriate utilities.

Software to open or convert LABEL files

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