JSON File Extension

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What is the .JSON file type?

The .json extension associates with the JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) format and file type and can be found in files of that type. Rooted in JavaScript (JS), JSON is a language-independent data-interchange format closely associated with AJAX (Asynchronous Javascript and XML).

Files with the .json extension are normal plaintext files containing snippets of code. JSON files are completely human-readable and can be opened and edited in any text editor. Any .json file should be thought of as a source-code file, similar to .c, .php etc.

JSON files are typically found on web servers where they are processed with associated server-side PHP (PHP Hypertext Preprocessor) or client-side AJAX scripts.

On all supported desktop and mobile platforms, Mozilla software uses .json files for bookmark and other backups but does not create associations.

There is no default association for the .json extension in Windows, but an installed developer's suite may seize the association. A handy way to handle .json files is to link them up with a programmer's text editor.

Software to open or convert JSON files

You can open JSON files with the following programs: 

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