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What is the .ASD file type?

Primarily, the .asd filename extension is associated with the Microsoft Office Word Document Auto Recovery (ASD) file format and the respective file type (.asd). Microsoft (MS) Office is a very popular commercial package of general-purpose office applications that has become a de facto standard in many office environments.

An .asd file is automatic backup (auto recovery) copy of an MS Office Word document, usually saved in the standard location ("%userprofile%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Word\" in MS Windows Vista and later). Having an .asd backup makes it possible to restore the contents of a corrupted document, at least partially.

Oddly enough, ASD auto recovery files may not be directly openable with MS Office Word due to the fact that ASD is not recognized as a valid MS Office file type. However, if the .asd file resides in, or is placed into, the default autobackup location, in most cases it can still be opened in MS Office Word through the 'Open file...' dialog window.

Besides MS Office, ASD document backup files can also be directly opened with several other office productivity suites, to be further saved in any supported formats.

Another association of the .asd filename extension belongs to the Ableton Sample Analysis File (ASD) file type/format used exclusively by the Ableton Live music-studio software. Live is a feature-packaged commercial studio solution for a digital-music composer, musician, or DJ. Live is developed and marketed by Ableton.

With Ableton Live, an .asd file contains metadata information about a sound clip. Such metadata are generated by Live through analyzing the clip file's waveform contents, and saved in Live's internal format. ASD metadata files for any sound clips are safe to delete, as they will be re-created automatically, once the clips are opened/used in Live again.

Apart from that, the .asd extension can also be encountered in association with the VMware ThinApp/AppSync Update Schedule (.asd) file type/format. ThinApp, a commercial application virtualization solution by VMware, uses .asd files in the scope of its AppSync update process. Those are temporary service files that store information about the most recent successful connection attempt to the AppSync server. AppSync ASD files may be created and removed at any time, and should not be tampered with by the user.

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